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WDW 10-Year Anniversary Trip, Day 2: Part 1: Damnbo!

You wanna hear something crazy? We set a wake-up call for 6:45 am on vacation!

Wanna hear something crazier? We were both awake at 6:30!

Still, I laid in bed and waited for Stitch to yell at me. Though a lot of folks can't stand that wake-up call with Stitch, I kind of like it. Besides, it's the only one I've ever heard.

Having already showered the night before, all we have to do is wake up, fall out of bed, and drag a comb across my head. We were gonna head over to the Polynesian Resort for breakfast, which means we have to make a transportation connection. Best bet would be going to MK and grabbing the monorail. Sheri asked if I wanted to take the Dumbo plush with me that was in Pat's gift box (it had a clip). I had a few choice words for her.

We walk into Classic Hall and back out to the bus stops. As we enter the queue line for the MK bus, (snap), a bus heading to the Magic Kingdom pulls up. There are a few folks with us heading there for a character breakfast, but it was a quiet bus for the most part. We go past the toll booths for MK parking and notice that the cops had about 8 or 9 cars pulled into the center lanes. "Weird" we both thought. Past the Contemporary we go, where we could see some stuff being done to where the North Wing once stood.

And there's Space Mountain, and there's the train station, and there's Cindy's castle! I don't know about the veteran WDW travelers, but seeing the Castle and the station for the first time during a trip is just an awesome sight. That moment's short-lived, however, because we aren't going into the park just yet. The park opens at 9. We have 8:00 ressies for Kona Café, and it's about 7:20 now. We stroll over to the monorail, and I snap my fingers.

Here comes the resort monorail…less than 15 second wait.

We go through the Contemp (also fun the first time on a trip) and make our way around to the Poly. I soooooo want to stay here sometime soon! We head in and absorb the tropics for a second before heading over to Kona. We were about 30 minutes early, but they sat us down right away. I read about some of the not-so-good reviews of the Tonga Toast from Tricia's and Lindsay's recent TR's, but I had to try it. I had it at the Rainforest Café in Animal Kingdom last time we were down here and LOVED it. Besides, Sheri and I were channeling Bluto from Animal house and chanting "Tonga Tonga Tonga!" (Thanks for putting that one in our minds, Lindsay!). We order a pressed pot of the 100% Kona coffee, and I order the Tonga toast while Sheri orders the Macadamia nut pineapple pancakes. Our server, Fatima, looked extremely familiar, so we asked where else she worked. We wouldn't have crossed paths based on what she said, but I recognized the name, and Sheri recognized the face.

The food came out, and I was wondering just how the hell I was going to eat all that food and still be able to walk around today. Tonga Tonga Tonga!!!! The toast worked for me…absolutely loved it! Sheri and I swapped bites, and her pancakes were just about as good! Excellent breakfast there!

We have time, so we stroll around the Poly grounds for a few minutes before heading back to the monorail station. SNAP…you guessed it, here it came (Mary Poppins has nothing on us when it comes to snapping). We get to the Magic Kingdom and notice that the Stitch spiel is no longer there as you exit the monorail. We get past the turnstiles, and I figure now would be a great time to call Pat to tell her how much we loved the basket.

Ring…. "Hi, this is Pat."


"You're at the Magic Kingdom, aren't ya?!"

"How'd ya guess? Oh, and you just had to put Dumbo in there, didn't you, smartass?!!!"

We talked for a couple more minutes…she was going to be in the park around 11 to do some stuff and said that she'd call when she got there. I told her I'd have my cell phone on and would check it every few minutes because I probably wouldn't hear it ring.

"You can turn it to vibrate, can't you?"


"Well, why don't you just put it on vibrate and put it in your front pocket?"

That was just too easy.

"If I have it in my front pocket and it starts vibrating, I won't want to answer it for a few minutes!"

We hung up, and, about 20 seconds later (SNAP):

Not our video...blatantly stolen from someone else on Youtube (hey...their view count should increase).

I'll be honest...I absolutely LOVE this opening!

I looked to see if Donna (PandyPaws on the Lodge) was on the train…nope. We try something new…going in on the left-hand side. Know what? It's a lot like going in on the right-hand side. As we were leaving the front part, the dancers were just finishing up, and I couldn't help but wonder how they keep on dancing and smiling when they know almost nobody is watching them because they're screaming into the park. We wait until they get done singing and then join the herd.

As we're going down Main Street, we see CMs waving with the big white hands. I never realized they did this before. Luckily, we came in on the left because we were going past the Emporium. Our neighbor from where we just moved from has family working at WDW all over the place. Her mother works at the Emporium, and I'll be darned if she wasn't waving. We walked up to her and said "Hey!" We caught her off-guard. Stacy (our neighbor) told her we were going to be down there this week but didn't know when we would be at the Magic Kingdom. We knew she works only Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, so today was going to be the best day to see her. We saw her less than 2 minutes into the park! We talked to her for a minute and promised to stop by the Emporium before we left to gab.

Onto Tomorrowland! They hadn't dropped the rope yet. Well, of course they haven't…I didn't (SNAP) yet (no, no vid link for a rope drop). As we walk up, they drop the rope, and the sprint to Space Mountain begins. We just sit back and stroll over towards there. I was kind of hoping to see Push the talking trashcan, but he wasn't out yet. We pretty much walked onto Space Mountain (with the walk through the queue, I'd say it was 5 minutes). After experiencing the refurbed ride in Anaheim last November, I didn't set my hopes up too high on this. It was good, but Anaheim definitely has the upper hand on this attraction.

We head out of Space Mountain and walk to do Buzz. WAIT! Stitch is standing just outside of this big weird-looking building (Carousel of Progress…never saw that attraction before today). You'd have to review the last trip report back in December of 05 to realize how many times we missed him. Sheri and I hopped into the non-existent line and got pics with him (Aaron's gonna be ticked when he sees those pictures!).

Oh yeah, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for corrupting my wife. She wore her Dumbo shirt specifically for this day.

Sweet and innocent…paragon of virtue…MY ASS!

I love the shirt I'm wearing, mainly because of how they used the characters to spell out DISNEY. The 'E' was my favorite, and Stitch agreed.

We hop on Buzz for the first match. I won't say who won, but Sheri demanded a rematch with me on the other side. So we go on it again (walked on both times). This time I think I hit the 100K target that Debbie noticed in the first room. Again, I won't say who won heheheheheheh.

Looks like everyone went elsewhere again…the crowds are non-existent this morning. Again, the touring plans are out the window (sorry Len)!

We walk over towards Fantasyland and see Alice and the Mad Hatter out by the tea cups. Alice was hot! After gawking over Alice for a few seconds, we turned the corner, and I felt cold, like someone had sucked all of the happiness away from me. Like the blood in my veins had turned to ice. It was as though a dementor had just kissed me.

Dumbo was straight ahead.

For this trip, though, the attraction was called Damnbo.

I made sure we waited at least 20 minutes after opening before we went to Fantasyland…there had to be a line at Dumbo. Wifey more or less told me I was getting my butt in one of those elephants. Sorry…line's too long.

We decided to do Peter Pan next. Now that I've seen the movie, the damn ride actually makes sense! I rode it for the first time in December of 05 and wondered just what the hell the story line was. Let's see, we abduct kids from their bedroom but they're happy about it. A dog with a headpiece barks. We get to Neverland with Native Americans, a volcano, the very voluptuous mermaids, and a crocodile with a tick. HUH??? Did I forget to inhale some magical wacky weed as we boarded the boats? Now I understand its popularity!

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