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A New Idea for the Blog

I'm still surprised that I continue to get hits on the podcast post that I made a couple of weeks ago. I'm seriously considering devoting one day a week (like, a Thursday or a Friday) to provide synopses of new podcast uploads. This is a test run to see if the podcasters are okay with it as well as to see how long updates like this are going to take to do (and to see if there's any interest).

Please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed!

    • 2/17/09 – in this special episode, Jason and Tony take you through a video ride-through of the newly-reopened it's a small world out at Disneyland. Time: 3:41
    • 4/28/09 – Episode 51, Keegan brings in part "deux" of "Teens on Disney", where 4 teen friends discuss the attractions that closed before they had a chance to ride them. Time: 1:43:31
    • 5/1/09 – Episode 107, Bryan takes the show on his own as Jonathon is under the weather. To discuss the 20th anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios, he brings on Matt Hochberg of . Also included is Disney news as well as the ever-popular AllAboutTheMouseketeer roll call and a touching message from Jonathon to his unborn child. I had a bad download, so I don't have the file specifics.
    • 4/4/09 – Show 18, a good video of "YeeHaa" Bob Jackson singing a very funny rendition "Sara", filmed where Bob usually performs, at the River Roost at Port Orleans Riverside.
    • 4/28/09 – Show 39, IT'S BACK! In this episode, we see a high-definition video of the now-extinct Body Wars. Quite simply, the quality of the video is just amazing! Time: 13:04
    • 4/25/09 – Episode 69, Sorcerer, Jeff, Fantasmic, Imagine, and Pluto are all here. An interesting discussion on what may be coming in the future to replace the current Illuminations: Reflections of Earth show is included. Also are segments on news, a review of Shutters restaurant over at Caribbean Beach, a quick visit by Uncle Sorcerer, a complete skewering of Pluto on the Monorail, a review of some new music at Studios themed to WALL-E, and e-mails. Time: 1:32:16
    • 4/12/09. Shane starts with Lester Day's news from the Disney Company (first time I've heard this…funny way of presenting the news!). He then brings a little audio from The Enchanted Room (Under New Management) from Adventureland at the MK. Time: 25:19
    • 4/27/08 – Episode 14, (Rated PG). Trace and Wayne present and comment on the news and then get into a discussion on…well…umm…"accidents" in bed at the resorts. They also announce that they will be participating in All About the Mouse's Disney Feud. Time: 54:33
    • 4/30/09 – Episode 58, John Rick and guest Luke Manning from the Disneyland News Today podcast they discuss Disney pin news, upcoming pin trading opportunities across the United States, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #40, John Rick's Disney Pin Investigation, Luke Manning's Pin Trading Time Machine, all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort and, and much more!!! Time: 2:17:15
    • 4/30/09 – Episode 44, Part 2 of tidbits on Walt Disney's wife, Lillian. Time: 9:45 (Part 1 was posted 4/24/09)
    • 4/19/09 – Episode 20, Tracey and Scott provide an audio trip report of their 2008 Mousefest adventure last December. In this installment, they report on their third day of the event, including a huge sale exclusive to AP holders at the World of Disney at DTD, Toy Story Midway Mania at DHS, the mega-mouse meet, planned meets at Epcot (including eating and drinking around the world), and an evening at Jellyrolls. The Disney, Indiana Radio Station (WWED) plays Disney music and audio in the parks. The show ends with a playback of the Norway pavilion's holiday Storyteller, Jule Nissen, and new member welcomes. Time: 1:00:02
    • 3/6/09 – Episode 41, Greg provides some info on the creation of EPCOT Center and has an interview with Disney Legend Dick Nunis on his perspective of the creation of Epcot. Greg then provides his commentary. After that, the bulldozer comes out for the Speedway at MK's Tomorrowland. Then comes DYI Imagineering on what to do after bulldozing the Speedway. Finally, he goes into his Time Machine back to the time of Don Defore and his restaurant in Disneyland. Time: 33:15
    • 4/26/09, Episode 212. As always, Ricky starts with his "Trip Around the World" news segment. Following that is audio of the ribbon-cutting of the new "Characters in Flight" attraction at DTD and Ricky's take on what the attraction is like. Skipper Ben gives his weekly "Cruisin' the World" segment where he talks about a cast member's story of the Jungle Cruise. Time: 1:22:56
    • 3/15/09 – Episode 158. In this roundtable, after the birthdays and "Lucky Dawgs" who are going to Disney soon, they start with a discussion on Miley Cyrus, which evolves into "Disney Darlings" throughout time. The discussion then turns to an appearance by Bob Iger on The View and a walk-through by Whoopi Goldberg going through the Disney archives, which evolves into Up and then reaction to the naming of the newest Disney Legend (?). Time: 56:07
    • 4/28/09 – Episode 59, Will and Shannon discuss their pre-trip views of Westfest '09. Everyone is excited, and not just for the trip to Disneyland. They're also taking their daughter, the Princess Peanut, to her first theme park. PLUS, they're making a huge trip of this, because, as soon as Westfest ends, they head to Orlando to hit Walt Disney World! Time: 59:51
    • 4/26/09 – In honor of Disney's Hollywood Studios' upcoming 20th Anniversary, Nathan and Jim look at what is, what was, what might have been, and what is to come. Time: 1:01:50
    • 4/19/09 – Episode 94, Jeff meets up with DPN'er Superdry for a gargantuan episode (over 3 hours in length!). I've heard audio from this trip from previous episodes, but the audio in this is second to none, so you'll want your headphones. You'll find yourself even more envious of the first-class passengers after this show. Plus, you might just find yourself learning about some Japanese culture. Time: 3:12:44
    • 4/25/09 – a video presentation by Mike (going solo) offers Illuminations…before Reflections of Earth. Time: 7:03
    • 4/25/09 – Episode 196, Eric, Cathy, and Dan honor a forum member's birthday by providing a virtual audio tour of Disneyland as they mix together some of the best sounds from Disneyland Park, starting at the monorail and ending with the Main Street Electrical Parade and fireworks. Time: 1:30:26
    • 4/29/09 – Episode 306, Mark and Mike start this show with some audio from Disneyland where Disney Legends Don Edgren and Rollie Crump were honored for their service by receiving names on Main Street windows. The featured topic of this show is the celebration of the 20th anniversary of DHS. They examine what has worked and what hasn't quite worked over at the Studios. Time: 52:08
    • 4/5/09 – Episode 30, a video cast of one of my favorite attractions in Epcot, THAAAAA JJAAMMMMMITORRRRSSS! Time: 8:42
    • 4/28/09 – Episode 50. The cats discuss a disturbing find at a recent trip down to WDW. Apparently Stacey, the sweetheart of the resort TVs top attractions, is off the caffeine and just…there… for the new replacement on the tube that resort guests watch like zombies. Time: 43:38
    • 4/26/09 – Episode 121, Earl provides 2 episodes that day, both dealing with Earth Day. The audio portion has him and the bleepin' wife over at Rafiki's Planet Watch listening to Grandmother Willow. The second upload is a vidcast from the same day where they get assaulted by Pipa the Talking Trash Can. Times: 25:45 (Audio) & 3:29 (vid)
    • 05/01/09 – Episode 44, AussieJohn, Chreestopher, Greg, and Ryan bring a whole list of items, including changes to the Disney Cruise Line manifest for the Wonder, a new street party in Disneyland, a 5-for-3 special at Disneyland, increases in dining prices for character meals in Anaheim, DTD AP discounts, information on the 2009 Mother's Day brunch, and more! Time: 44:38
    • 4/26/09 – Episode 91. There's so much in this one that I'm going to cheat and use the iTunes description for this one: Join me, Tom Corless, and a cast including Justin Heyman, Anthony Yacullo, Scott Smith, Chris Lastrapes, Kyle Duffield, and Luke Manning for a variety show that celebrates the Walt Disney World Resort and its many fans. So what are you waiting for? Let's celebrate another week of Walt Disney World information and fun on the WDW News Today Podcast!!! To kick off episode 91, we have your Walt Disney World Resort News and Rumor Report. In this latest report, we will be discussing the addition of more Pirates to the Magic Kingdom, the possibility of a certain top hat character returning to the Imagination! pavilion, and a brand-new thrill ride coming to Epcot later this year. Town Square Talk is also back this week, highlighting the hottest topics around our WDWNT Network of websites and podcasts. On this trip down Main Street WDWNT, we have all the details on two new features of the WDW News Today website and an important update regarding the WDWNTube Disney Parks Video Site. Finally, to end this week's program, we continue our countdown of the 20 Biggest Moments in Disney's Hollywood Studios History as voted by you with a look at what took the #4 and #3 spots on the list. We'll also be examining just how important these moments are in the near 20 year history of the park. Time: 1:37:11
    • 4/26/09 – Episode 116, As the 20th anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios approaches, Disney Legend Charles Ridgeway joins Lou for a discussion on the creation and opening of then-called Disney-MGM Studios. Following that, Lou catches up with a roomful of e-mails with Beci Mahnken. There is no contest this week as last week's contest was to span 2 weeks. Time: 1:35:39
    • 4/25/09 – Daily Disney Diary. Lou's next video takes us to the Boardwalk. It then takes approximately 25 seconds before the discussion turns to food. He then brings up an important topic…the "simple" pleasures of Walt Disney World, including the friendship boats, the unannounced events that always pop up, and just enjoying the pavilions and people-watching.
    • 5/1/09 – Episode 559, the hosts discuss the opening of the brand-new Kidani Village DVC at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Time: 16:53
    • 4/29/09 – Episode 558, answering listener questions. Time: 33:11
    • 4/27/09 – Episode 557, Matt, Mike, and Mike have a really interesting discussion on items in the parks that people often overlook. Time: 18:28
    • 4/26/09 – April 2009 Live Show, originally aired April 19. Time: 1:56:31
    • 4/26/09 – Episode 195, in July of last year, Paul was invited to take part in an exclusive conference held at Disneyland, where he got to hear about updates to Sleeping Beauty Castle, including the re-introduction of the walk-through, the announcement of the platinum edition of the Sleeping Beauty DVD, and more. Time: 1:01:07
    • 4/15/09 – Episode 31, Aaron continues his Top 25 attractions of Epcot. This is a follow-up to episode 29, from a while back. Time: 43:26

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