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WDW 10-Year Anniversary Trip, Day 2: Part 2: Damnbo!

Part 1 is Here

We then went across the way over to it's a small world. I've heard rumors in the past about this ride having some pornographic material, and I couldn't believe it, so I had to go see for myself. I'll be damned if they weren't right. I couldn't believe the Walt Disney company allows this filth in its theme parks! You may want to avert your eyes and scroll down past the picture below if you are easily offended.

You've been warned.

No…I just can't post it here. Click here if you dare!

Thanks to "Earl" of the Trapped on Vacation podcast for pointing this out just before I left for the trip. I'm never going to think of anything else in the Mexico section of the ride. If you're not quite sure what I'm talking about…think of some innuendo that might fit what that boy is doing to his chicken.

We got off of IASW and head over to Liberty Square for the Haunted Mansion. This was another feeler ride for the boys. This time it was Sheri wondering how many people have tried doing it on this ride (sweet and innocent?). I think most of the ride is okay, but the graveyard scene with everything popping up behind the stones and the spiders on both sides near the beginning would freak Aaron out. We both agree to wait just a bit longer for him (less chance of ticking off Eric too).

We went over to Frontierland just as Woody's Cowboy Camp was starting. We watched it for a couple of minutes and both agreed the boys would love it. We snuck through the side stores and saw Splash Mountain going. We both started laughing at this because of Terry's (Teebee's) unit of measurement in her most recent trip report. Sheri notices a large capacity flash memory card on the bridge. We look around for a minute to see if anyone is looking for something and ask a couple of people who look like they've been sitting there for a while. Sheri wanted to take it to lost and found, while I didn't really know what to do (didn't want folks to think we're stealing it). We decide to give it to the nearest cast member (manning BTMRR entrance) who promised to take care of it.

While there, we decided to ride Big Thunder. The wait was only about 7 minutes. One of the women in front of us swallowed a bug on the ride (it was hard not to laugh). After we got off the ride, Sheri commented that she really hoped the folks who lost their memory found it. Then she realized what she said and started chuckling. We then walked over to Pirates and hopped in line for this one. With the walk through the queue, 7 minutes to the boat. I had seen the updated version in Anaheim already, but I kept fairly quiet to let Sheri experience it for the first time. Aaron loved this ride, and I'm sure Eric will too, as much as they are in to the Pirates' life.

Near the end, the phone vibrates in my front pocket and the ringtone for my Lodge friends is audible (barely). I contemplated just letting it ring for a joke but decided to answer it. It was Pat, and she was in the park. I told her we were look at a guy's hairy/charred leg, and she correctly determined what ride we were on. The reception wasn't too good in there, so I told her I'd call her back as soon as we got off the ride.

We hopped on the moving walkway back up to the gift shop when it starts making this awful noise. We all expected smoke to start pouring out any second. Luckily we made it to the top before it swallowed us up. As we walk through the merchandise area, I call Pat back. She says she's already at the entrance to Pirates, getting some water at a snack stand.

Yep, there she is. Before we left for the trip, I went back to one of Robin's trip reports where Pixie helped coordinate a stroller handoff between the Zurgs and the Delswife crews, and there was a pic of her in there. I saw someone that looked exactly like her, and she was talking in a cell phone, saying the same words I was hearing, but delayed about ¾ of a second (like a voiced-over movie from Japan). She recognized Sheri immediately from the Damnbo shirt. We gave her a hug (see, Tricia, I'm a hugger when I'm not chasing kids!) and talked about the basket. I asked how she pulled off the anniversary notes, and she said she sent a PM out to everyone on the Lodge.

Everyone???? Taking the inactive folks out, that was still probably around 200 folks!

Then she took a step back, looked at us, and said, "Where are the buttons?!!"

Crap! I knew we forgot something!!! We realized it on the Pirates ride after she called that we forgot to put them on. They're on the table in the hotel room, just waiting to be worn. We wore them for most of the rest of the trip…just forgot them at the worst time.

We shot the breeze with her for a few minutes and then parted ways (she had to head off to work). Before we said goodbye, though, we had to get a pic. Sheri gets ready to take the picture, and Pixie asks if it's okay to do a "bad" pic. I thought she was gonna give me a kiss!


And she kicks her leg up for me to catch it. It caught me so off-guard that I almost missed her leg. Then I thought she was going to jump in my arms, so I'm ready to catch her other leg, which never comes. Sheri snaps the pic right as I start cracking up:

I, of course, had to return the favor:

We start walking from Adventureland towards the hub when I bring up that we're getting close to Aloha Isle and that the wifey has never had a Dole Whip. Pat mentions that it wasn't open when she came by earlier. Besides, she noted that we hadn't smuggled in any rum to add to the snack.

I'm liking her more and more by the minute.

She then tells us when we hit Epcot to get the Gray Goose Slush in France. We may have to try that drink out (hint: foreshadowing).

We say our goodbyes, and she's off spreading pixie dust. I know you've got a lot going on, Pat…we've got our fingers crossed for you that everything turns out well with your crazy schedule!

We continue on and see Aloha Isle open YAAAAAAAAYYY! I had my first one in Anaheim (and my second one), so I know how good they are. I told Sheri to trust me as I ordered them for us. Sheri took one bite and said she loved me.

We sat down nearby and people-watched as we ate our Dole Whips. I think we sold at least 20 more of them from people seeing ours as they passed by.

Much to Pixie's dismay, we headed over to see the Tiki Birds next. Dunno why, but I like that show. Plus, it's close to where Jasmine often hangs out, though she wasn't there at that time.

It was getting to be around noon-time, so we started heading back to Main Street to eventually head back to the hotel for a rest. We stopped in the Emporium and looked around for about 20 minutes or so. Judy was in there, and we talked with her for another 5-10 minutes before heading over to the Confectionary. As we looked around, I saw the giant Mickey Rice Krispie Treats (12+ inches in diameter). I almost bought one of those to send to Tricia because she's been craving those things.

As we left MK the Family Fun Parade was just starting. My snapper wasn't working, and we had to wait something like 5 minutes for a bus (oh the humanity!). We were really lucky with the transportation so far. That would change in a couple days, however.

We got back and, in Sheri's words, we took the nap…Took The Nap…TOOK THE NAP!!! (This came from a passage in the Unofficial Guide about taking kids back for a rest). No kids, but we still crashed for a little bit. The phone rang a little before 3, and I saw that it was Heartland Community College's Testing Center. Uh Oh…that means that there's a problem with someone taking the optional final. I called back and found that someone who I swear told me they WEREN'T taking the final was there to take it, and I didn't have one there for them. Apparently the student told the workers I might be hard to get a hold of because I was at WDW, for, when I told her who I was, she wanted to see if I was having a good time down there! I asked them to make a copy of one that had not been taken yet and to let him take it. They were fine with that. I then checked messages and called the windshield place to schedule the replacement. Then I called Casey to make sure the house was still standing and that the cats haven't sacrificed her yet. I also asked her to unlock the Santa Fe's doors on Thursday for us.

The final part of this day is HERE.

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