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WDW Family Trip, December 2007, Day 2, Part 3: Hello??? It's Incredible!!!

Part 2 of Day 2 can be viewed HERE.

Folks, please accept my apologies for the temporary rudeness of my soon-to-be-recycled cell phone. I need to take some of the blame as I actually was distracted with my new iPod (when I wrote this), though, in my defense, if the Moose Meet music wasn't so darn good, I wouldn't be trying to import all that into the Nano. 1L (another online friend) gets part of the blame.

Okay…in going over all of the stuff he put in the first part, he actually didn't do too bad a job for the most part. There were more calls that I'm sure of, but they weren't in the log. I seriously did plan to save DD's message with her number, but a bus was pulling up, and I was trying to listen to the message while trying to get a kid out of a stroller and fold it down at the same time. Oh yeah…one other thing that the phone selectively forgot to mention. We took Pal Mickey with us, but his batteries had died. Those were brand new batteries put in 2 days ago too! I think the phone had something to do with it (jealousy? Perhaps Camera was showing a little too much affection to Mickey).

Where were we…oh yeah…back at the hotel to rest. Eric and Sheri fall asleep rather quickly, while Aaron and I watch Toon Disney. I ultimately crash for about 20 minutes, but Aaron refuses to go to sleep. With 2 fairly refreshed, 1 sorta refreshed, and 1 still on an adrenaline high, we head back out to the bus stop around 4:30…just as a bus pulls up for us.

I'll give you one guess as to which one of us fell asleep on the bus.

We arrive at MK just before 5 and wake Aaron up before he takes the return trip to the Pop. We get a couple of pics at the Mickey floral on Photopass and run up to the train station to catch the train. As we get on the train, I hear them start the retreat/flag ceremony. I almost got us off the train so I could witness this. Someday I'll try to request to take part in it as I've read that Veterans are allowed to assist.

Anyways…back on the train…

The boys love trains, and they were on cloud 9 all the way to Frontierland. As soon as we get off the train, it starts sprinkling. I jokingly suggest that we do Splash Mountain as we're gonna get wet anyways! Needless to say, it didn't go over well…especially with a 70 minute wait. We make it to Pecos Bills and threaten Aaron with doing no more rides ever again as long as I'm alive if he didn't start behaving immediately. We tried to get him to sleep. Nope. Now we have Kidzilla on our hands. We tried to get him to go potty before we got to Pecos Bill's. Nope. 5 minutes later and he's dancing and begging me to take him. We tried to tell him to quit jumping around. Nope. The goose-egg on his head will serve as a reminder not to jump, especially under low-hanging places.

We get our food, and I take Aaron to the closest bathroom I know of…the one between Adventureland and Liberty Square. Of course he's too tired to walk, so I carry him. He does his business and demands that I carry him back to eat. We get back to the restaurant, and Sheri heads up to the fixin's bar. She comes back, and I head up to load up the burger. I LOVE this place! Aaron whines that there's no cheese on his burger, so I swap buns with him. FINALLY things start calming down for us. We finish our dessert and start to head out when I notice that there was a restroom actually in Pecos Bills…about 9 feet from where we were sitting.

…and I took Aaron to the one about a half-mile away.

Geez…I really am a moron.

We miss the castle-lighting ceremony…but it was just a "possible" to-do today. We make our way over to Adventureland to see how bad the wait is for Pirates. 30 minute wait. Nope! We keep on going around to see if Aladdin was running. Nope! (are y'all seeing a pattern here?) Tiki birds? I think Eric will request a new family if we take him there with all the darkness, lightning, and Polynesia.

He proved me wrong…Man, he loved the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room!!! We head out and contemplate getting back in line again for it until we see Aladdin up and running. The line was fairly short, so we decide to hop in.

I had to get this pose as one of my favorite ones from when we took Aaron back in 2005 is this exact same pose:

Can ya tell they're brothers?

While we're up on the ride, we get our first glimpse of the castle iced out. Pictures simply don't do that justice. Absolutely breathtaking is the only way to describe it.

We head off of Aladdin and make a non-touring-plan mistake…we wondered what to ride next. We had time, and Aaron was begging us, so we decided to head back to Pirates. As we walked up, the wait time cycled from 30 to 20 minutes, so we hopped in line. We had a good conversation with the family in front of us. The 9 year old son was showing off with his knowledge of Disney World…he's a little me in training, according to Sheri. We hop on the ride, and I ask wifey if she had Eric's light-up toy from Todd and Mo just in case.

Ummmm…Todd…Maureen…please skip the next couple paragraphs.

Sheri gets this shocked look on her face.

It was then that we realized that we left them in the bag in the stroller outside.

So much for that idea. This attraction was one of the things that we thought Eric might need the reinforcement. Oh well…we'll just have to add it to the pocket-packing list for the rest of the days.

Okay…Todd…Maureen…you can start reading again.

Eric LOVED THE LIGHT and kept the light on during the first part of the ride. It was because of the light that he made it through!

They ain't buying it, are they?

Eric actually did really good…he held on to Sheri just a bit during the short plunge but loved the ride. Aaron was singing the song all the way through. We then went through the gift shop, where I knew the boys would want to play with the swords.

Notice that I am nowhere near holding a sword and fighting with the boys. There was an infamous pic 2 years ago…

Those of you who have been around the Lodge for a while may recognize the pose I'm in. Photoshop everything but me out of there and then add a pic of a rather well-endowed animal that you can see over in Animal Kingdom, and you get the source of my angst. I still pray to God every night that Dan gets cursed with an unending case of hemorrhoids for doing that.



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