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WDW Family Trip, December 2008, Day 4, Part 1: AAARRRGGGHHH

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…and again at 12:15


…and again at 12:45


…and again at 1:13


…and again at 4:05


Wait…that's a 3 hour window there. I actually did fall asleep for 2 1/2 hours here, partially due to exhaustion. You know that feeling when you have to go to the bathroom REALLY bad and you "clench?" Well, I was at a state where I had to remain "clenched" every second because it was that powerful (sorry folks…I really wish I could put this a better way. I'm not trying to gross you out).


...and again at 4:20


…and again at 5:15


…and again at 5:35


I decide to just stay up then and hop in the shower. I just let the hot water hit me for about 20 minutes.


Whoever said a bad day at Disney World beats a good day anywhere else should be castrated and stricken with whatever the hell I have.


We have early reservations (7:40) at another new restaurant for us…Chef Mickey's. We are out at the bus stop around 6:55. We are going to try it without a stroller this morning (at least I think we did). Around 7:00 or so, here comes the MK bus. They drop us off at the Contemp before going to MK. We're there about 20 minutes early so I do a pre-emptive bathroom break in the hopes of making it through the meal. Then again we go up the escalators and again up to the main atrium area. This place is growing on me. We go to check in and are handed the little light-up vibrator thingy. We expected it to be about 10 minutes or so, but it buzzes only 1 minute after we receive it. We sit down, and Sheri orders coffee. I order water…lots of water. Sheri and I then get into an argument on what the best thing for me to eat is. I suggest items with fiber…she suggests I go for the high-carb energy food. I meet half-way and go with biscuits and gravy.


We had a family to our right with what I would guess is an 8-10 month old. Goofy comes walking by and starts tickling the kid. He lets out this heart-melting laugh/giggle fit that just couldn't be topped. The guy in Goofy had to be smiling at that. After every table, Goofy would run back and tickle him for a few seconds.

Here's the montage of character pics from Chef Mickey's:


Yes, Goofy is also tickling the boys as we take the pic.




The required monorail shot.



Right after this pic, I see Eric drop something. I go to pick it up, and twak Donald right in the beak. I half-expected to see his head rotated 180 degrees (a la The Exorcist). Don was more worried that I got banged up. I felt so bad about doing that….I had to have apologized 3 or 4 times to her (assuming it was a her just by the hand gestures and body movements).





I didn't make it through the meal unfortunately and excused myself yet again for another bathroom visit (at least it was a bathroom I hadn't seen yet). I come back, drink another couple glasses of water, and call it a meal. We head out, both Sheri and I are kind of "eh"…it's not a bad place to eat. Neither of us got the hype that we've heard so much about, though. It's probably just a family tradition for many to eat here. That being said, Sheri really liked the apple salad here.


We go down and down to the first floor and stroll out to the bus stop. Despite being at about 20% on the energy factor and fun factor, I have to admit that we lucked out on the busses better than ever on this trip (and we've been rather lucky on busses in the past). Within 20 seconds of getting outside, a Studios bus pulls up. We hop on and head over to the Poly. We've never seen the Poly from this perspective (first floor entrance)…if we make it to the gathering in October of '09 (We didn't), I'm going to lobby REALLY hard to stay here.


We skip the Grand Floridian (fine by me!) and are at Studios before we could spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards (scary…that word is actually in the spell-checker because it didn't red-line me) (can you tell I'm A.D.D. as I write this?). We go through the turnstiles (but not before another bathroom break) and position ourselves to hopefully not get run over by the mob positioned for RNR and ToT. I find out that we are fine because the entire mob is heading the same way as us…towards Toy Story Mania. Wow…this is supposed to be one of the quietest days of the year at the parks, and everyone had the same idea (I would have loved to have seen MK this morning…had to have been dead!). We eventually get fed into the queue line outside of the attraction. The guy behind us looks and sounds a heck of a lot like our former neighbor's former husband (that would be Judy's (from Day 2 in MK) former son-in-law). Somehow we start up a conversation, and eventually the discussion leads to Expedition Everest. I think he was teasing Aaron about something (that, or Aaron was bragging about riding on Space Mountain and Test Track). Anyways, this guy then says that he was at AK yesterday and got to meet the guy who was the principal designer of the park and led the project for Everest.


I looked at him at just mouthed "Rhode?" My eyes had to have been saucers.


His eyes got wide too (like he was surprised I actually knew who he was talking about…I thought any self-proclaimed Disney nut would know who Joe Rhode is).


I told him to talk slow and not to leave out any details. (got a good laugh from him). We got to talking a bit about Mr. Rhode (he's one of those guys I want to meet before I die) and then, when we both realized that we are both Disney freaks, start talking about historical stuff of Walt Disney.


Then we entered the inside queue line.


Insert jaw-dropping here









In-between ooh's and ahh's , we quip about Disney's life of trials and tribulations (he's read a lot more than I have…all I've read is Bob Thomas's excellent biography, so I could barely keep up with him). 


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