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WDW Family Trip, December 2008, Day 6, Part 1: Fun With Friends

Day 5 is over HERE

One of the things I forgot to mention from the previous day was really ironic, and proof that I am falling apart. I only get sick every couple of years, but, for some reason everything seemed to happen on this trip. During the parade, I turned to talk to someone (either Sheri, Mel, or E.B.) and commented that I'm finally up to feeling better. About 10 seconds after that, I had a sharp pain run through one of my molars, like the thing just wanted to fall out.


I dismissed it as maybe having a seed or something stuck and dealt with the now-dull throb.


And then I woke up this morning.






Still throbbing.




I can't flippin' win this trip. Still, it's much better than Fred. The boys are still sleeping, and we have 7:40 reservations at Boma for breakfast (another one we haven't done…we did Boma for dinner at the Moose Meet, where we saw Tricia, Susan, Rawley, Jen (Jedi), and Kylara and her significant other). We set this up more as a chance to see AKL and to change things up a bit, but it wasn't one of those "WE REALLY WANT TO EAT THERE!" restaurants. Sheri agrees that, with the late night before and the potential for a late night tonight at Epcot, we would be better off to let the boys sleep. Besides, it's Aaron's birthday, and we don't want him to be cranky today. I call WDW-DINE and cancel the ressie.



We eat (as anal as I am about writing crap down, we got in really late this night, and I didn't get around to writing a recap, and I can't @#$%@#^@#$ remember if we ate at the food court or got donuts/milk) and head to the front desk to get a birthday pin for Aaron. We put it on and head to the busses.



We could be in trouble…they got quite a bit of sleep.








4 minutes later, here comes the bus. FINALLY, we'll be able to see the opening of Animal Kingdom (it's our 4th try!). We hop off the bus and notice that absolutely nobody is here.











We make our way to the turnstiles, and I notice Aaron scratching his chest. I wonder if the button is bothering him. We get in and head through the oasis. There are probably only a couple hundred people here for the opening, so we get a decent view of the opening ceremony. The majority turn right to head to EE, but we head to Harambe for the Safari. As we walk, I notice that Aaron is tapping his chest every time a CM walks by.




Hmmmm….wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiit a miinnnuuuuuuuuuuuutttteee…




The little bugger is trying to point out his birthday button!




Okay, time out! I talk to Aaron about that for a minute and tell him in no uncertain terms how not-good that is.




We get to the gate to Harambe and get a pic like we got last year:







Man, this is the best day weather-wise. We're in shorts now and soaking up the sun. The crowds are low…we're having fun as a family just as Walt had intended the parks to be used for…life is good.



We get in the queue for Safaris and, as we walk in, I notice Aaron tap his button again. He gets the ultimatum from me not to do it again. Half-way through the line, we pass another CM by the stroller drop-off, and Aaron does it again. I'm going to get nominated for Worst Parent of the Year, but I stopped all of us and went to the side, where I made Aaron take off the button. Yes, I know I would have done the same thing he's doing at that age, but still….




He got the button back a few minutes later, and we didn't have a problem the rest of the day.




We walk on to the vehicles and are off in no time. We figured with the sun and the morning, the animals would be really active…no so much early on. It reminded me a little of the first trial run from Jurassic Park. So far, it's the most boring safari we've had.



Then we got over into the second part (I think it was the second part…SyracuseWolvrine, a friend and former driver, can correct me on that one). Over a ledge, we see a couple of giraffes running right toward the vehicle!







He went right in front of our truck and then walked around less than 10 feet away.



Like I said…best safari we've been on!



That's one of the things I love about the attraction. It is a little different every time. Still, they keep in Hapa Duniani…the song that is tuned in when they scan for radio stations. I absolutely love that song and genre or music (yeah, it's on my iPod)!



We hop off and make our way through the exit queue when, out of nowhere, we see this:






At least 5 times on this attraction, and I've never seen them, let alone see them that close!

Part 2 HERE

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