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WDW Family Trip, December 2008, Day 5, Part 1: Finally…Vacation

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We got up.





We went to Downtown Disney.





That's about as exciting as it gets.






The end.














Okay…Sheri was nice enough to not complain (much) about not going to DTD the last three trips, so I looked around in the schedule for a time to go down there. Today (Thursday) seemed like the best time in that it would be in the middle of the trip for some down time; the tradeoff was (I'm an economist…EVERYTHING has a tradeoff) that the Magic Kingdom was likely to be absolutely dead that day. I sacrificed and put it in the schedule (okay, so she insisted, and, liking sex more than once a year, I penciled it in for her). No alarm today, and we made it to around 7 am.




Wait…that must mean…




YES!!!!! I slept the entire night without a race to the bathroom! I don't think I've ever cheered any harder that morning. I think Fred may be catching the Magical Express to the airport today, and he didn't even make me barf once (though I would have gladly taken a barf or two in lieu of the 76 runs to the bathroom for it to come out the other end). I'm up to about 75% this morning. Sheri and I discuss whether we should do the Christmas Party today or not. It's a lot of money, and we don't know how the boys are going to do. Mel's crew will be there, and Mare's crew might. I was really leaning towards "yes" early on in the trip but trending towards "no" the day of, mainly because I still wasn't quite 100% and also didn't want to have an argument at Disney about money. I slyly bring it up, and Sheri gives an unequivocal nod "yes" to get the tickets.


So much for having an argument.


I make sure I understood the head nod to mean "yes", and she kicked me out of the room to get tickets. I told her not to get too excited yet because they could be sold out.


I make my way to Cinema Hall and over to Concierge, thinking that, hey, it's only around 7:15 or so…there won't be too many peop…..HOLY CRAP why is everyone else doing what I'm doing?! Actually, there were only about 5 or 6 in front of me. They get called up to the desk quickly, and then time


Stoooddddd sssssssssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll




Everyone at the desk was trying to make dining reservations for that day. I wanted to chuck my copy of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World at each and every one of them (somewhere in the world, Len Testa is smiling). The CMs manning the desk were amazingly patient at the folks who couldn't understand why there was no place to eat on the property ("This is our 4th day trying to eat in the Castle…isn't there something available?").



A CM comes to the front of the line and asks if she can help anyone. She answered 2 questions immediately for people waiting and them comes to me.




I stared at her chest for a minute and really admired what I saw there.




I then looked at her deep in the eyes, gathered my thoughts after seeing such an amazing sight, took a deep breath, and asked her…





"You're from Chebanse, huh?"






Her jaw dropped to the floor that I recognized the name of her town on her name tag.





"You're the first one I've ever met in line that knows how to pronounce that!!!"



Chebanse is one of those smaller towns (population around 1,100…SA-LUTE) that's about 15 miles away from Danforth…where Sheri's from). She graduated a few years after I did…she may have played sports against one of my sisters as my last name did sound kind of familiar. We talked for a brief moment before parting ways. Moments later, I'm called up to the desk. Tickets are still available, which is a good sign in terms of how crowded it will be. I purchase them and head back to the room, where the boys are up and raring to go. I nod to Sheri in a "yep, I bought them, though I had to put an additional mortgage on the house" look (Sheri's good at reading my nods).



We head down to breakfast and find Kelly (daycare provider) and her crew having their last meal before hopping on a plane. We lamented that we never got the drinks we all wanted to have together but vowed to do so if there was a next time. Not a lot of seating (this is a first for us…we usually almost open up the food court), so we look outside and find a table. An awesome CM comes over and dries off the chairs so we won't develop W.A.S. (Wet Ass Syndrome). I have my first waffle of the trip (yeah, probably not the best thing to have with my predicament, but I'm back at 75%, and Fred was walking out the door). Eric has been holding his own walking, so we're going stroller-less again. Man, the logistics are SOOOO much easier without a stroller!


We finish eating and head out to the bus stop. NOBODY is in line for DTD, and I make sure to point this out to Sheri (why would anyone want to go there???). She makes sure to point out that I'll be sleeping on the couch for the next month. I then make sure to point out that I'll still be sleeping with her because she falls asleep on the couch 95% of the time anyways. She then makes sure to point out that I'm an ass. Those who have not been around Sheri and me may not think that this is how we are. Those who have, however, know this account to be true.


Since nobody was in the bus line, I assume that we just missed a bus and make an attempt to hit the bathroom (I'm only at 75%...which means I'll still be in the bathroom around 25% as much as before…this still equates to around 2.96 times an hour). I head in and choose what seems like the one remaining stall in Walt Disney World that I have not been into yet. A minute or two later, I see head pop out from under the door; I initially wonder what the heck was going on until I realize that it's Aaron.



Please tell me you didn't pop your head under all the other stalls…please tell me you didn't pop your head under all the other stalls…please tell me you didn't pop….


"How did you know I was in this…"


" I saw your shoes."


Smart kid there.


"Mommy wanted me to tell you that a bus was coming."


Okay, fine…I'll hurry as fast as my body lets me.


We run out of the bathroom, though I feel like I'm trying to pull my pants up as we go through the lobby. We hop on to a nearly-empty bus and sit near the front. I stick my tongue out at Sheri as I sit down, and she subtly gives me an un-lady-like gesture without anyone else seeing it.




Ahh, love.



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