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WDW Family Trip, December 2008, Day 5, Part 2: Finally…Vacation

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We then strike up a conversation with a guy by himself on his way to DTD. I had heard an accent like his before, but I couldn't quite place it. He's part of a group of 14 (yikes!) and was getting away for the morning for a sanity break. I come to find out he's from Vancouver, BC, and the accent finally comes to me…my short jaunt into Calgary back when I was 20 years old and stuck at Malmstrom AFB, only a couple hours away from Canada, where the drinking age was 18. The Air Force guys I was with knew I had never drank before…let's just save that story for another time.




We get to DTD and get a family pic:




Sheri then heads into a couple of stores that are not so conducive to children. I have my own itinerary…at the Christmas store, they have a somewhat little-known game (thanks to an episode of Lou Mongello's podcast for letting us in on this one). They have the 12 Days of Christmas hidden all around the place. For example, I'm trying to get a pic of the boys next to Tweedledee and Tweedledum…



If you look at the left-hand Tweedle (not sure if that's Dee or Dum), you'll see a little scroll. On this particular one, it says, "On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me Two Tweedledees. They've actually got twelve of them scattered around the building. I found five of them when I was ruthlessly yanked from the building to go to the next store. On the way to the next store, I text Mel with a "Guess what we just bought?" message to let her know that we got MVMCP tickets for tonight.


We then head over to Once Upon a Toy and walk into a fairly empty building. The boys naturally see the Potato Head items and run over to them. A CM sees Eric and picks him to have a magical moment – he gets to make the Potato Head of the day. Sheri and I grab 2 boxes and start to load them up with new parts. Another CM comes over and mentions that, for only $10 more we can get the ginormous container that fits a crapload more. Sheri and I look at each other and drop the boxes. The CM tells us that the lid is too small to fit a couple of pieces we had already picked out, but she'd let us keep them in our bag after we had paid for everything.


There have been some complaints about the quality of the service at WDW…while I admit that I didn't start going to Disney "regularly" until 2005, I don't see any declines in the attitudes or the service.


Meanwhile, Eric's working with the CM on getting a Stormtrooper Potato Head put together, but nobody could find eyes for a stormtrooper (btw…the stormtrooper's weapon is a potato masher).


A CM known for jamming as much crap in the big Mr. Potato Head thingy comes over and tells me to throw the feet in around the bottom and then do a lot of small things next. I follow the orders to the letter as Sheri and the CM start throwing Potato Head Pieces at me to put in.


Eric gets done:




…and immediately another family comes by, and the kid with them takes it apart. Eric didn't see it, but the CM started fake-freaking out, with "I need proof that we did this!!" I think the stormtrooper got put together 4 or five times that morning.


Our packing CM was scheduled to go on break, but she said someone else was coming in that was even better than her at packing Mr. Potato Head. Apparently, they have contests to see who's the best at it.



We thank all the CMs as we pay and head out. That was fun! We got a message around this time from Mare that Renee still isn't up to speed and that they're taking a pass on DTD and the party tonight. They're really :cross: that they can meet up with us tomorrow night before we head back home.


The next store is the good ole World of Disney. We start in and I get the BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP of another text message. Mel read my "Guess what we just bought" message and replied with:




I literally laughed out loud when I read that.


We agree to try to meet up tonight and let each other go until then. We look around a bit at the megastore…I try to find some earplugs for Eric for the potential for fireworks tonight at the party, but the megastore didn't have any. We head out disappointed (okay, maybe not) and make our way over to the Lego store.


It was okay, but I'd have to say the Chicago Lego store just blows this one away!!! No, not the new one out by Woodfield (it's like a Lego amusement park)…the one on Michigan avenue is awesome!! We did pause for a pic outside with some of the Lego people.



Wow…those two on the far right are amazingly life-like! I don't know how they do it!


We look over at T-Rex before heading over to Earl of Sandwich for lunch. I'm still not quite sure how much to push my system, though I'm feeling better. As good as the All-American sounds, I don't think cranberries would be a good thing, so I decide to go boring. Sheri and I really like this place…good sandwiches for a low price (and, no, we didn't burn a dining plan credit on this…this one's strictly OOP). We left our mark at the restaurant, however, as one of the boys spilled a TON of lemonade in the booth.


We leave Earl of Sandwich and make our way over to the bus stops for the ride back to Movies. Since we'll be doing the party tonight, we want to get a little more rest so we can hopefully make it a little later. We get to the stops and fight a women's basketball team who tried to sneak in front of everyone to get on the bus. We get going, and I notice that we stop at the Pleasure Island stop instead of the Westside stop. Not sure why. :dunno:


On our way back, we pass the casting center, and I comment to the wifey that we'll both probably be there in 30 years. She corrects me and says that it will be only me there.


Fine by me!


We get back to Movies and "rest" (yeah, right…no resting was done there). We got a couple of toys for the boys…Eric wanted to play with a Little Einstein's bath toy, so he takes a 40 minute bath (though I don't recall him ever actually washing up).


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